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One of our biggest priorities is to ensure you enjoy the taste of your cake as much as the design... we aim to always provide you with a delicious soft light moist sponge.

Below is a selection on different cakes flavors and fillings that we offer.

  • Traditional¬† vanilla sponge with raspberry jam and cream
  • Vanilla sponge with a tangy lemon curd and cream
  • Vanilla sponge with a light chocolate creamy filling
  • Moist carrot cake with a hint of spices filled with a cream cheese icing
  • Rich chocolate sponge with a creamy chocolate filling
  • Chocolate sponge with vanilla cream and raspberry jam
  • Traditional rich fruit cake topped with marzipan

If you would like any other flavors if they are not listed above please get in touch and we could possible make your required flavor as we are always looking for new things to make.